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Guaranteed Approval! This is not a gimmick if you need bad credit auto loans. We are literally “AUTO” “FINANCE” “EXPERTS”. We work with nearly 30 different lenders AND we even have In-House financing where you can “Buy-Here & Pay-Here”. We have over 50 years of auto finance experience and are set up to help folks with ALL different credit situations.

We have seen virtually every credit situation in the 50 years we have been doing auto financing in San Diego professionally. Are you a first time buyer? Do you have good credit? Do you have bad credit? Were you turned down because the dealership doesn’t offer car loans for people with bad credit? Have you had a home foreclosure or short sale? Have you had an auto repossession? Have you been turned down or declined for an auto loan recently? None of the above matters. We will you push through and get you approved one way or the other! Find out why we have a strong reputation for car loans for bad credit in San Diego County.

Auto Financing‚Äč

We have special military auto financing! We are located less than 2 miles from Camp Pendleton military base and have been working with our men and women in uniform for nearly two decades. We help all military personnel such as Marines, Navy, Army and Air Force. If you are active duty military, disabled military, honorably discharged military, dishonorably discharged military, retired military, family of military, or anything else to do with the military, we have special military financing programs for you. We work with all the major military credit unions such as USAA, Navy Federal, Pacific Marine, and many more. We also work with a number of other banks that specialize in military auto loans for those men and women that have challenged credit.

Regardless of your credit history or lack thereof, we can help! There are no application fees and no obligation.

Take a leap of faith with us and give us a call at 760-961-4400, send us a text at 760-961-4400, shoot us an email at or apply online right now!!!

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